New Ending.

This is my last week in my digital imaging class. As it all starts winding down, I have been frantically working on my portfolio. I feel as though this is a quite accurate depiction of how I have been feeling this past week white shooting. Portfolio is fun, yet overwhelming.




New Angles.

This week I missed the lecture on panoramas, so I had to figure it out for myself. I had a little bit of knowledge with how I would fix it in photoshop, but making sure I took the photos correctly was a bit more of a challenge. I decided to try photographing the lake by my house.



New Composites.

This week we started discussing how to make a creative composite. I’m still learning and bouncing around ideas in my head, but I am excited to test out some new creative and quirky ideas. Here is the image that I worked on last week when practicing portrait and background composites.