New Year.

I am finally a second year student! This year I really feel like I’ve got to push myself hard in order to succeed better than I ever have before. I’m really starting to get a grasp on my creative work flow and interests. Today was our first day and we practiced using capture one in the studio and I shot the picture of Bry. Can’t wait for this semester!



New Pressure.

As the summer semester begins to wrap up, I’m really excited to get to working hard and finishing up my assignments. I feel like I tend to work a lot harder under pressure, so having these three final weeks to shoot will be a lot of fun. I’m finishing up some of my favorite projects like the manners project, my “Just A Minute” assignment for my multimedia class, and my shoe assignment for my product lighting class. I’m ready to get a move on and wrap everything up for the summer.



New Techniques.

This week I’ve been trying out my new gels that I purchased. Lately I’ve really been trying to find my photography style, and I’ve noticed I love messing around with different colors of lighting. My friend Matt helped me out this week with this photo and I can’t wait to play with it more. Gels have become something that I really gravitate towards when coming up with creative photography ideas.


New Start.

I’ve never been the one to be able to express my thoughts clearly through writing. My dad is a writer and I used to want to become a writer. Now I just feel as though to get my messages across I have to use visuals. Photography has become my passion. I tend to be drawn towards the deeper meaning behind the photograph taken than I do the description. This blog will be a whole new thing that I will have to adjust to, but I am willing to give it a try (considering I kind of have to). I’m actually excited to do this, and I would like to continue blogging, and I’ll hopefully be able to make some sense of my future photographs to the public. See you soon.