New Styles.

Today I had to shoot a portrait assignment for my Commercial photo class. This is my friend Matt Floyd. He wanted to be photographed as a character that he once played for a short film in high school named “Dale Clark.” This is my final edit of the image.



New Portfolios.

This week I’ve been bouncing ideas around my head about what kind of portfolio I’m going to shoot this semester. After doing this lab exercise, it definitely solidified my choice in commercial photography. While as much as I like taking pictures of my friends and zooming in really close to their faces for retouching, I really prefer sticking to the product shots. More to come soon.



New Moon.

This week on Monday we had the solar eclipse. I went to Winston Salem to shoot UNC School of the Arts students experiencing the totality together. When I went, there were other professors out there who had made a bunch of pinhole cameras for all the students who didn’t have the proper glasses to view the eclipse. Where I was, there were not as many people, but it was unique to see how all of these new students came together to witness something as extraordinary as this.


_AET6543 copy

New Year.

I am finally a second year student! This year I really feel like I’ve got to push myself hard in order to succeed better than I ever have before. I’m really starting to get a grasp on my creative work flow and interests. Today was our first day and we practiced using capture one in the studio and I shot the picture of Bry. Can’t wait for this semester!