New Feelings.

Lately I have been feeling over the moon. This past week I just felt like everything has been going perfectly. However, this morning I just started to feel really stressed out and overwhelmed without reason. I have days like this plenty of times, and I usually just sit back and think about it for a while until it blows over. Today I’ve been thinking about how my friends in high school graduated on Friday. How fast time passes you. How my stress a year ago is nothing in comparison to now. Everything changes, every day is different. Sometimes I just need to take a step back and realize where I am now compared to where I was then and be thankful.




3 thoughts on “New Feelings.”

  1. lovely image of your friend, Ashely! I’m sorry you were feeling overwhelmed but I completely understand where you were coming from. I too am finding my stress levels rising lately but the important thing to do is keep everything in proper perspective. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you’re strong enough to overcome all you put your mind to!

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